Firstly, three years, three major brand campaigns to master and create assets across multiple platforms, both digital and print.

Automatic Ticket Gates-  the perfect place for a train company to advertise (and a fun shape to work with).

As an in-house designer, I regularly designed in both Virgin Trains' brand styles (for internal and external projects), writing and supervising any copy needed (extra points if I managed to squeeze in a film name or song title).
A little pre-awards bash that we threw for the EVA Award finalists. A sign as tall as you are, fresh popcorn and a brass band playing all the classics? Yes, please!
Some projects I worked on just for Virgin Trains staff
A little maternity gift I designed for that special arrival (and who doesn't need a rubber duckie?).
Using the internal brand style, an easily digestible way to present information on demographics...
...and any staff only information.
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